Honey Juror Tutorial
Jury Selection with the Court using Honey Juror

Chapter #1
Cause Challenges

  1. Using your Color Wheel to identify who you want to ask for Cause.
  2. Quote what the juror said using the notes from your assistants.
  3. Cite the case law.
  4. If granted, select Cause Granted.
  5. If Denied, use the Symbols Library and note the Cause Request is denied, so that if your jurisdiction allows you to ask for extra peremptory challenges you will let the court know you asked for cause, it was denied, and you are out of peremptory challenges and request another one to avoid a bias juror, and an appeal.
  6. If it is Granted, then the juror goes for Cause.
  7. If the Opposing party asked for cause and it was denied, you may want to not use your peremptory challenge, but instead let them use theirs.

(Tutorial Video Coming Soon)

Chapter #2
Statistics of Your Panel and Statistics of Your Jury: 0:46 -

When you select the “Statistics” button, you can see the breakdown of your panel.

As you move jurors into the jury box, you can also see the demographics of your jury as they change.

Chapter #3
Using Peremptory Challenges with Honey Juror: 1:38 -

After the Cause Challenges, depending on the court procedures, you might use the “AutoFill Jurybox” feature and move into the jury box and alternate box the lowest numbered viable jurors on your panel.

If either side wishes to remove a juror using their peremptory challenge, you open the specific juror page, select “Peremptory Challenge” and then select which party is exercising their challenge, and if there are multiple parties, which party specifically is using their challenge.

This marks the Avatar as excused.

And you can use the AutoFill JuryBox button and this will advance the jurors to the right seat.

You repeat this process until your jury is selected.

Chapter #4
Using Symbols to Keep Track of Peremptory Challenges and to Remind You Later

(Tutorial Video Coming Soon)

Chapter #5
Autofill the Jury Box and Alternate Juror Box with One Click: 1:48 -

After cause challenges, you may use the Autofill feature.

This will move the lowest numbered jurors that are still viable into the jury box and alternate box.

If you make a mistake, use the undo arrow.

As the parties use their peremptory challenges, you can use the Autofill button to again move the jurors to their proper places quickly.

Or, if you prefer, you can move the jurors by hand.

Chapter #6
Looking for Discrimination with the Use of Peremptories

When you or the opposing party uses a peremptory challenge, Honey Juror keeps track of the juror’s Race, Gender and Average Age.

If you suspect discrimination based upon any of these three categories, you can suggest to the judge that from the face of the opposing parties’ use of peremptory challenges, they seem to be discriminating against jurors in the category.

(Tutorial Video Coming Soon)