Jury selection is complex enough

Stress from the bench, stress from the opposing counsel, stress of any trial. 

There is a lot at stake for you and your client.

You start out with a plan, and soon you find you are off course on what you need to focus on. And when you sit down and review your notes, you have a hard time figuring out who said what. 

With your notes, you may be missing key cause challenge information which can hurt your case. Or maybe you find it difficult to effectively use your peremptory challenges because the information blurs together.

After picking hundreds of juries, I realized to help my clients I needed a better way to pick a jury. I created an easy to use app that helps me pick great juries.

Matthew Powell, Esq. Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

The Power of Honey Juror

  • Lawyers focuses on bonding with the jury
  • Collaborators take notes that you can see and use in real time
  • Keeping track of who said what
  • Having accurate and clear quotes from the jurors for your cause challenges
  • Score and track jurors to help make finer distinctions when for your peremptory challenges
  • Oversee the panel as a whole to select the best jury to win your trials
  • Stop guessing, and instead be organized and confident that you have taken every step possible to help your client pick the right jury for their case.

As a trial lawyer who has performed hundreds of jury selections it became clear that important details of jury selection are lost, overlooked and difficult to sort out. Our yellow pads and sticky notes just can’t capture the amount of information and detail we need to pick the right jury. Rushed writing makes it hard to read your notes, or those of your team.

Honey Juror was created to embrace the power of teamwork and collaboration when picking a jury. Honey Juror lets the trial lawyer focus on building and maintaining rapport, while allowing their assistant(s) to keep track of how jurors react and respond.


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