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…because nothing is sweeter than picking the right jury!


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Be organized and confident with usable information rather than scattered notes


Collaborators take notes that the lawyer can see and use in real-time


Oversee the jury panel as a whole to select the best jury to win you trial

Why Honey Juror?

  • You have a lot riding on your case, make sure you use the right jury selection tool to pick your best jury – Honey Juror!
  • You have a lot invested…don’t let one bad juror ruin your case!
  • Don’t get distracted by overwhelming, unreadable, and messy notes and stickies, let Honey Juror organize all of your team’s notes in one place.
  • There are too many details to remember, give yourself the advantage of organization and accuracy.
  • Created by trial lawyers for trial lawyers.

The Sweet Stuff

  • USER FRIENDLY! Beyond simple to learn.
  • Collaborators take notes that the lawyer can see and effectively use real-time.
  • Accurately keep track of juror quotes for cause challenges.
  • Oversee the jury panel as a whole to select the best jury to win your trial.
  • Lawyers focus on bonding with the jury.

Learn More About Honey Juror’s Sweet Solutions

Seating Chart Concerns:
✦ Difficulty in aligning charts between the lawyer and assistants.

✦ Tracking juror seat locations and adjusting for changes.
✦ You can custom design your seating sections.

✦ You can assign seat numbers to meet the Court’s wishes.

✦ You can remove empty seats in your chart
✦ Seeing the Jury Panel as a Whole Hard to connect juror’s names and their faces✦ You can see the whole panel with avatars.

✦ You converse with confidence knowing you know the juror’s names.
✦ Notes are disorganized

✦ Hard to read

✦ Not associated with the right juror
✦ All your notes are saved in the individual juror’s page.

✦ Your notes are easy to understand because the question precedes their responses
✦ Hand Raising

✦ Keeping track of who raised their hand
✦ Your assistants identify the raised hands for you.

✦ You can easily see who to call on
✦ Time Pressures from the Court✦ You are far more organized than your opponent.

✦ You can talk to the Court with confidence.
✦ Remembering what the juror said to seek Cause dismissal✦ You have the power of color coding your notes and giving you a more accurate recording of what each juror said.
✦ Keeping track of which jurors are in play to be seated after cause dismissals.✦ You can use “auto fill” the jury box feature and see which jurors are in play and likely to be on your panel
✦ Wish you could rank your juros but are overwhelmed with information?✦ You can rank your jurors from best to worst
✦ Keeping track of discrimination✦ Your statistics page tracks who is on your jury, as well as what peremptory challenges your opponent has made.

Hear What Other Trial Lawyers are Saying

I highly recommend Honey Juror to any lawyer trying cases. The dynamics of a courtroom require every lawyer to be able to keep track of who said what. If you are frustrated and lost picking a jury, here is your solution.

Glenn McGovern

I can’t imagine picking a jury without Honey Juror. I was able to keep track of every juror, what they said, what I liked, and what I don’t like. Honey Juror allows my team to collaborate so no detail goes unnoticed.

Cliff Wells – Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer


Yes, please download our free demo from the Apple App Store.

Yes, Honey Juror is easy for you and your collaborators to learn quickly. Detailed tutorials are available for your quick reference.

Yes, Honey Juror only works with Apple products that have the M-1 chip. In addition, you will need a stable and reliable internet connection to collaborate with your team.

1. Watch our Honey Juror tutorial videos to help speed up your mastery of Honey Juror.

2. Practice using Honey Juror with your team to ensure your collaborators are capturing the information you want most.

3. Create and install your Jury Question Outlines, pre-select the Juror Icons, and decide what ranking scales will work best for your case so that youc can be as prepared as possible when it comes time to selecting the RIGHT jury.