The Honey Case Management Systems

Is being built to take away the frustrating details that often get in the way of managing a busy law firm.

See with great precision where the bottlenecks in your law firm

Organizing your documents and notes in such a way that anyone can find what what is important, down to the smallest details

Create best practice workflows for your needs to keep your cases on track

Enjoy the power of document generation customized to your specific client needs that address the issues of their case, and not boilerplate documents

We created Honey CMS to give lawyers the power to find anything, anytime they need it. By creating a flexible structure that you mold to your specific law firm needs, you and your staff will save time, energy, shorten the lifespan of your cases, while improving the quality of your work.

At Honey, we believe we can transform every law firm to a happier and more productive office by; letting people do what they do best, and that is to help their clients.

By taking away the frustration of finding things, you know you and your team can spend time on thinking and helping your client. Clearing out the noise and clutter that slows us down and wastes our precious time. Honey helps you take care of the business while you take care of the client.

Unfortunately most law offices have multiple software platforms that create duplicate work, inconsistent output and frustrating bottlenecks. Honey embraces the latest in technology to create smooth systems that transport data to the right place for its timely use. Let’s make practicing law fun again by removing all the friction points that seem to weigh us down.