Honey Juror Tutorial
How to set up Honey Juror with your Questions, Scales and Symbols

Chapter #1
How to Import your Word Document for Jury Questions and Outlines into Honey Juror

If you create your jury selection questions in Word, any text that has a question mark “?” will be imported into your outline in Honey Juror.

Honey Juror will omit any text that does not end with a question mark.

  1. After you have created your Word document, you select “Outlines” in Honey Juror.
  2. This takes you to the “Jury Selection Case Outlines.”
  3. Then you select “Jury Selection Outlines” which takes you to your library of saved jury questions.
  4. You can create your outline in Honey, by selecting “New Question” and typing your question in the box.
  5. Then select “Add” which adds your question to your new outline.
  6. To import your Word document, from the Jury Questions page, select “Import” which takes you to the various apps on your iPad where you may access documents. If you use Dropbox, or Google Drive, for instance, you might save your Word document in any of these cloud locations, and import into Honey Juror your jury question outline from your cloud storage applications.
  7. You navigate to where you saved your file, and when you import the Word document, your questions with question marks will populate into your new outline in Honey Juror.
  8. You can then edit, move or modify your outlines as needed, and you can also modify, edit, delta and move your questions as you like.
  9. If you go to the Seating View, you can select “Start Questions” which will open your jury selection outlines.
  10. Open the first outline, and your questions appear.
  11. When you tap on a question, a box will surround your question. This lets you know that your question is now being shown on your collaborating team’s Apple devices.
  12. If any of your questions are “raise your hand if” questions, you should indicate in your outline this is a hand raising question, so your spotters can use the “Engage Hand Raising” feature of Honey.
  13. When you finish with a question, you can double click the question, and this will draw a line through the question, as a reminder to you that this question has been asked.
  14. To end your questions select “Questions Done” to close the question box on your iPad.

Chapter #2
Symbols and Symbols Library in Honey Juror

The symbol library is a tool to take information from the jury information pages filled out by the jurors and use a visual icon or symbol to represent their responses to the questionnaire.

The Symbols Library should be set up before your trial.

Honey Juror provides a few basic symbols to help get you started.

You can easily add your own symbols as well.

As you go through the symbols in your library, check off the symbols you wish to use in your case.

Then, by selecting the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the “Symbols Library” page, you will import the selected symbols into your case.

Chapter #3
Setting up your Ranking Scales

(Tutorial Video Coming Soon)

Chapter #4
Exporting Your Juror Data All Jurors

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Chapter #5
Exporting your Juror Data, Only Jurors in the Box

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Chapter #6
Exporting your Jury Question Outlines as a back up

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Chapter #7
Exporting your Seating Chart

This feature allows you to export your seating chart with the Avatar, their Name and Symbols, so that some users may have a paper copy of the seating chart.

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Chapter #8
Exporting your Notes in Honey Juror

These are notes not related to any one juror.

You might use this to keep track of opposing counsel’s questions asked.

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