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Designed by a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

Honey Case Management Solutions was designed by Matt Powell, a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer in Tampa, Florida. Matt is known for moving his cases quickly and efficiently, keeping the insurance companies on their toes. He is frequently asked to speak at legal events about his case management processes and procedures.

24 Jury Trials in 24 Months…

In 2015, Matt tried a total of 14 jury trials. The following year, Matt woefully only tried 10 jury trials due to the freshness of his cases on the court’s trial docket. How? Using his case management system. After years of trudging along with Time Matters, Matt finally decided to design his own Case Management Software Solution for his law firm, MattLaw.

Honey will Run Your Personal Injury Practice Out of the Box

Honey Case Management Solutions was built using the #1 rated customer relationship management software in the world, SugarCRM. Honey has built-in case management metrics, procedures, processes, workflows, and legal document templates designed to run your personal injury law practice out of the box.

A Taste of Honey's Features to Sweeten the Pot


Honey’s case management solution generates documents for your contacts on the fly. It gives you access to a library of Word document templates including form letters, motions, complaints, and more.


Honey integrates seamlessly with all your favorite tools and apps including Slack, DropBox, WordPress, Outlook, and Google Suite to name a few. Honey’s integrative capabilities are limited only by your imagination.


Honey keeps your law firm at your fingertips on all mobile device. Apple or Android, Mac or PC - Honey operates with any platform that suits your fancy and does not discriminate.


Honey can be hosted on-site at your law firm, in the cloud, on-demand, or a hybrid solution. You will always have complete control over where your law firm operates and stores data with Honey.


Honey was designed by a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who has 30+ years of personal injury experience. Honey has built-in processes that automate workflows to keep your cases moving efficiently.


Honey transforms your law firm into complete transparency. Your case metrics, staff productivity, client costs, and other business tracking or reporting needs will be available for your viewing pleasure.


Honey is fully customizable in order to meet your law firm’s unique needs. No matter large or small, Honey is completely capable of accomodating any change in design or function you require.


Honey was built using a strong, #1 rated software platform. It's an award-winning software foundation that is open-source and has proven its superiority over all competitors.

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