Honey Juror Tutorial
Game On, How to Use Honey Juror during Jury Selection

Chapter #1
Adding Jurors to Your Case in Honey Juror

  1. Select “Jury.”
  2. Then select “New Juror”
  3. Seat numbers are the key to placing the jurors in the right seat in your seating chart.
  4. Depending on the court preferences, you may start your seating number after the number of jurors and alternates. For example, 12 jurors and 6 alternates, if the court does a random selection from all the potential jurors, you might start your seating at 19 to keep the questioning jury box and alternate questioning box empty, until random jurors are called and moved into the questioning box.
  5. The “Juror Number” on the “individual juror” page is a field to use if you want to track any Clerk assigned numbers. This comes into use if you ever use the “Virtual Jury” feature of Honey.
  6. Now, back to the individual juror page. You enter each juror’s name, Last name, First Name, Age or Year of Birth (either one works).
  7. Next you enter Gender and Race, and you will notice the avatar changes accordingly.
  8. If you don’t know the race of a potential juror, you can change this later.
  9. Enter their occupation.
  10. Next you can add symbols to reflect information that you are able to glean from their juror forms such as Political Party, Marital Status, Children, Prior Law Enforcement, etc.
  11. You set up and build your Symbols Library to meet your specific case needs.
  12. You may add notes to any individual juror page at any time by typing in the new Note section, and selecting “Post.”
  13. To add another juror, use the back arrow in the upper left corner to go back one screen to the list view, and there you select “add new juror.”
  14. You can also select “Seat View” at any time to verify the jurors are in the right seats, as well as make any adjustments you observe.

Chapter #2
Interacting with the Jury in the Courtroom

  1. After you have entered all of the individual juror information, select “Seat View.”
  2. When you are ready to start asking the panel questions, select “Start Questions.”
  3. This will open your Jury Selection Outlines.
  4. You open the appropriate outline.
  5. Now click on the question you are about to ask, and this causes your question to populate on all of your team member’s screens.
  6. Also, when you click on the question you are going to ask, this inserts your question into the notes section of the individual juror pages. If any of your teammates creates a note while the question is pending, the note will appear in the notes section, following the question that was pending at the time the note was posted.
  7. When you are finished with a question, you can double click on the question, and this will mark the question as done by drawing a line through the question.
  8. By marking your question as having been asked or done, you will avoid asking the same question later.

Chapter #3
Assistants Taking Notes

Honey Juror allows you to assign a different Font Color for each of your teammates. Their selected Font Color is the “Indicator” of which teammate took what note, as well as what teammate made what ratings on the rating scales.

Posting a note will be associated with the question asked by the lawyer.

Assistants can use Red and Yellow text backgrounds to signify important information that may be useful in making a cause challenge.

Chapter #4
Hand Raising Feature

When asking the jury questions, you may want to phrase a few questions in a manner where you ask jurors to raise their hands if something applies to them.

By planning ahead, you can design the raise your hand questions so they indicate to your spotters you are about to ask a Raise your Hand Question.

One of your spotters can activate the “Raise Hand Feature”

This will allow your spotters to tap on any juror avatar that raises their hand to add a hand image to the avatar, rather than open the individual juror’s page.

One Tap on the Avatar causes an image of a whole hand to appear, and Two taps displays a half hand raise.

The reason you have a half hand raise is the lawyer may want to ask questions about why they seemed reluctant to raise their hand all the way up?

This tool is a great way for the lawyer to easily see who raised their hand.

Chapter #5
Using the Scales to Rate Your Jurors

How the numbers work, adding the numbers, then multiplying the number by the Amplification number for a total score to rank a juror compared to other jurors.

(Tutorial Video Coming Soon)

Chapter #6
Using the Juror Avatar Background Color Wheel

  1. Open the individual juror page, then use the color wheel in the lower right hand corner of the avatar. Here you select the color you want this juror to have as their background.
  2. You and your team should decide what the various colors mean for this jury selection. For example, you might assign Orange to represent a juror you may not like, but has not stated anything for cause, and Orange might suggest to the lawyer to go back and ask this juror more questions.
  3. Or, you may assign a color to represent the juror has given cause, and you don’t need to go back to them, and this is a reminder to ask the court to remove any juror you have marked with the predetermined color for Cause Challenges.

Chapter #7
How to Send a Message to the Lawyer Performing Jury Selection: 0:44 -

If you select “Messages” this opens a text box, where you type your message, and use the airplane icon to send the message.

The messages are time coded and display the sender’s name and font color.

The Message button will display a notification to let you know a message has been sent by one of your teammates.