Honey's Support Services

Keeping Your Bees Buzzing & Hive Humming

Honey’s dedicated support team is committed to the success of your law firm’s case management practices. From the design and customization of your solution, to the implementation and future use of your Honey Case Management Software instance, our support team will always be available to tend to all of your needs and wants.


Honey consults with you and your law firm to determine a strategic plan for creating and implementing a software instance that meets your needs. Our business management consulting services cover the legal case management processes used to build Honey.


Honey tailors your case management software instance to fit your law firm’s unique needs and wants through careful design and customization. We will configure, create, design, and implement a legal case management system that works in tandem with your new software instance.


Honey educates and trains you or your legal staff to ensure your law firm hits the ground running with your new Honey case management software instance. Our educations courses are conducted online, over the phone, or on-site at your firm.


Honey provides timely technical support services for your Honey case management software instance including troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, and much more.